23 Paintings in 23 Days

In celebration of my 23rd birthday in mid-October, I have decided to challenge myself to one painting a day for the 23 days leading up to my birthday! So every day I am going to set aside 23 minutes and paint. I have 23 little canvases - some are 3"x 3" and some are 4" x 4" - and I am going to paint one per day! 

I've seen several challenges for one month of painting or creating, but I'm never ready for them on the first of the month! So I figured, why not create my own and what better way to celebrate my birthday than making art?! 

You can follow along with my painting adventures on Instagram @readamy and under the hashtag #23daysofpainting!

Want to join in on the fun?! I would love that! I will be painting one small painting per day from September 24 - October 16! You can join in for some or all of the days! Just post pictures of your paintings using the same hashtag!