Meet: Pippa

Pippa, 20" x 20", Acrylic on Canvas

So I scaled back a little bit for this one. I had been painting fairly large (Celeste is a giant) and Pippa is just 20" x 20"! 

When painting Pippa, I experimented a little bit! Usually I have a specific reference in mind when I'm painting something, but this was a bit of an amalgamation of a few sources. I drew the color palette and forms from flowers - my favorite. If you look closely, you can see that I drew on top of the painting as well. These drawings were inspired by microscope slides of plant cells. 

I've been recording myself while I've been painting lately, and compiling it all into a time lapse video! You can check this one out below, and definitely pop over to YouTube and subscribe for updates on all the latest paintings!

Behind the scenes in the life of an artist - time lapse painting