Updates on the Painting Challenge, Vlogging, and more!

 Day 10 aka "Burned Hand Day" 

Day 10 aka "Burned Hand Day" 

Quite a few updates on the life of Amy the Artist to share with you all, so here we go!

1. Over halfway through #23daysofpainting!

After a little bump in the road thanks to my clumsy nature and a cooking mishap, I was playing catch up for a little bit but I am finally all caught up and 13 days in to the challenge! There are only 10 days left! You can see all of the tiny paintings over on my Instagram (@readamy) and under the hashtag! 

Day 11!  


2. The Tiny Painting Army will be For Sale!

I've had quite a few people ask me if I will be selling my tiny paintings, and the answer is YES!!! I will be listing the little paintings on Etsy after the challenge is complete. So keep an eye out and pick out your favorite so you can have your own tiny work of art! I will warn everyone before they go up so you guys can snag one before they're all gone! The challenge ends on October 16 and I will list them at the beginning of the following week - the 19th. 


 Day 12!  

Day 12!  

3. Behind the Scenes Videos on YouTube!

Did you know I have a YouTube channel? I post new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm EST! Yesterday I gave my friend Matthew a tour of the tiny paintings and elaborated on my creative process for them and about what materials and techniques I've been using! And oh look! That video is conveniently right here! Check it out! 

Last week, for my first official vlog, I answered the three burning questions everyone seems to have whenever I tell them I'm an artist! I also introduced my favorite little fur balls to the Internet.  

Subscribe to the channel for regular updates, studio tours and other behind the scenes things about the life of an artist! 

4. Regular Blog Post Schedule! Wahoo! 

Since I will be posting videos to YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday, I am implementing a regular blog schedule too! I really like schedules. I think they're great. Look for new blog posts twice a week on Mondays and Wednesday's starting next Monday October 12! 

5. Coming soon... 

I have a few other exciting things coming up that I can't wait to elaborate on! Stay tuned for information on a painting collaboration I'm working on with a wonderfully talented artist in Texas and a yarn bombing commission about to explode in South End Charlotte! More information on that in a little bit!! 


Until next time! 

<3 Amy