Playing Catch Up

It has been awhile for me on the blog - sorry everyone!

While I was getting more and more behind on my blog updates, I've been working away out in the real world. I had a booth at my first ever market this past weekend! The NoDa All Arts Street Market was last weekend and it was exciting! I loved being able to get outside and set up shop and talk to people!

The market was great and I will definitely be doing more in the future! I've also updated the shop and it is FULL of original paintings and fiber pieces!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I mentioned that I had a big announcement for you all about my summer! So..................... I'm going to Peru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plane tickets have been booked! And for about a month at the end of the summer I will be one of the artists in residence at Sachaqa Centro Del Arte in San Roque, Peru! I'll be spending my time there building a site specific installation on their sculpture trail! During my time, I'll update this site about once a week with progress photos and of course the final install! Stay tuned here and over on Instagram for updates on that exciting chapter! 

Life has been a little crazy over here lately, but in the next couple of weeks things will hopefully settle down a bit and I'll get back into a nice routine!