#23daysofpainting - Day 1


So if you haven't heard, I've challenged myself to create one, small painting per day for 23 days in honor of my 23rd birthday! Today was the first day of this challenge and I started with a 3" x 3" canvas and set my phone timer for 23 minutes. It seemed really promising, this tiny little canvas just waiting to be turned into the most adorable little work of art! But let me tell you, it was hard. I mean really hard. 

I'm used to painting rather large. Small for me is 20"x 20" so to downsize to 3"x 3" was quite the challenge! When I'm painting large canvases, I can move around and let certain areas dry and then come back to them and layer and edit, but when the canvas is smaller than your hand, there isn't much room to move around and let different parts dry. Solution? Hair dryer. That helped a lot. I ended up stopping and starting my clock so I only painted for 23 minutes, but I did not include intermediary drying time in my time limit. 

I've also been experimenting with Pébéo paints recently! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my post about how obsessed I am with this new paint! I am a huge fan of the effect it creates because it looks like plant cells. In my work I frequently draw inspiration from flowers, trees and other plant forms. Recently I've been looking at microscopic slides of plants for inspiration and have decided to explore those forms more over the next 23 days. 

I tried to record the whole thing so I could create a time of the process, but my usually infallible camera let me down and only recorded about half. That's okay though - at least it recorded something, right? 

Overall, it was fun and challenging and there are still 22 days left! By the end of it I should be a master of the tiny canvas, right?