It's Got a Woolly Jumper!

As you might have heard, Sydney and I took over WeLoveCLT this Saturday while we were installing our yarn creations alongside the Rail Trail! We started with five naked trees, and ended with two fully clothed trees, and three at various stages in between.

We had several people stop by and talk to us, a few yelled out our Instagram handles at us while biking by - which was hilarious. Another nice fellow told us that it appeared we were getting the trees ready for winter by dressing them in a "woolly jumper"! 

The tree closest to Sycamore Brewing is dressed up in a complete tree sweater, and over the next few weeks the transition from full tree sweater to coral reef will be complete! The tree farthest from Sycamore is the complete coral reef. We were a little short on barnacles (yarnacles?) so we will be whipping up a few more of those and adding them in the coming weeks! 

Sydney had these wire birds that had been looking for a new home, so she installed them in the trees to add a little more interest! We (when I say we, I really mean my awesome speed-crocheting mom) made a bunch of crochet crowns in honor of the Queen City and have begun hiding them along the rail trail! If you find one, be sure to post a picture and tag it with #yarnbombingCLT!

We still have a little more to wrap up at the fence, but not too much! Stay tuned for more updates!